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The Top Ten Patient Financing Questions We're Frequently Asked
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How does American Financial Services work?

When a patient wants your treatment and needs to make monthly payments, you can allow them to do so. Simply submit to AFS the total production for the week that resulted from granting credit and we will deposit the cash for that production in your account. 
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Why would I want to finance patients?
(And what if my advisors/consultants say no?)

The primary reason is that more patients will be able to afford your best treatment! You've already spent a lot of time and money on staffing, supplies, equipment, overhead, exams, treatment, planning, etc. If you don't make your treatment plans financially possible for patients, they won't even begin treatment (or they may go to someone else who will). You then risk losing all that you've invested in attracting and handling that patient! 
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Is using the AFS Patient-Financing System complicated?

Absolutely not! AFS provides you and your staff with a simple and easy-to-understand process from a personal representative at the other end of your toll-free call who will provide you with all the training needed to have you on your way to achieving your practice goals.
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What will the AFS Patient-Financing System cost?

The AFS service fee is approximately 2.5% of production. (The rate is based on volume so may vary slightly per office.)
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Do ALL my patients have to be financed?
Will AFS work with other financing companies?

Patient-financing is made available to meet the specific needs of those patients who do not have adequate insurance coverage or necessary cash available to pay at the time of service. About 60% of your patients will fall into the category of needing or wanting monthly payments to afford treatment. Other third-party financing companies have far lower acceptance rates but AFS is designed to assist virtually any patient who walks into your practice or compliment any other financing program. (Not all patients need or want financing.)
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How does AFS achieve my collections?

AFS performs two services included with our patient-financing program. The first is making evening and weekend calls to your past-due patient accounts. The second is investigating past-due insurance claims, i.e. finding out what insurance has not paid and taking action to get the insurance company to pay promptly.

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Does AFS charge interest to my patients?

No, AFS does not charge interest, but your patients expect to pay interest when credit is extended. You have the option of charging interest or not, and the interest is yours to keep. This can be a great source of additional income/profit for you.
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What happens if an account is uncollectible?

AFS currently collects more than 98% of accounts financed. An account is deemed uncollectible when both you and AFS agree that all means of pursuing the account have been exhausted.
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How soon will I see results using AFS Patient-Financing?

On average, our clients experience almost immediate growth in production. In the first few days you will begin to see the positive results of our treatment and hygiene calls. These calls will fill your schedule and pump up your production. Our collection activities will improve your collection dollars month after month.
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How hard is it to get started with AFS?

It’s easy for you to become a partner with AFS. We provide a simple application and agreement to be completed and processed. No special equipment or software is necessary. We'll do the rest and welcome you warmly.
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