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You won't believe what a terrific help we can be to the growth of your production!

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In just 12 months, American Financial Services  Invisible Front Office Team has scheduled more than $3.6 MILLION DOLLARS in additional treatment for our clients... (dental offices who are using the AFS system). 

Our Front Office Solutions Team can also work this magic for you! 

Exclusive Services Included with the AFS Patient-Financing Program

AFS Invisible Front Office Solutions can help you quickly and easily free up your office team to deal with the important task of assisting your daily patients. IFO instantly eliminates many time-demanding, resource-draining tasks. NO NEED to train people to do all the things AFS can do for you in a highly effective and professional manner.   

  • AFS makes "courteous calls" to past-due patients (to those you designate to be called).

  • AFS calls insurance companies for you on your past-due claims with exceptionally speedy and superior results.

  • AFS makes very friendly calls to your patients regarding their unscheduled, uncompleted treatment to increase production.

  • AFS effectively assists you with consistent, dependable Accounts Receivables clean-up.
  • AFS provides assistance with the credit-granting process through unlimited credit reports and use of the AFS credit matrix.

 NO Waiting for Approvals!  NO Financing Rejections!

  Gail Litman, Village Dental Care, Illinois
"Through our combined efforts (with AFS), we have been able to tap into our recare programs and beefed up the hygiene schedule with patients that have put off their 3 and 6 month hygiene appointments. With these services we see our production improving through consistent scheduling of our unscheduled treatment. In less than a year we have had 61 inactive patients reactivated to the practice which has resulted in $48,000 increase in production. That's an average $786.88 per patient"

  Taylor Brook Dental, Maine
"AFS offers services that we don't have the time or expertise to handle. Collections have been made easier by having AFS do our calls because my staff is not trained in collections, and I don't have the budget to have staff work evenings and weekend to make necessary calls. Insurance calls were a nightmare with long unexplained delays in getting paid but with AFS following up on our insurance it's been fantastic! With AFS doing our recalls we started realizing $1000 production increase in a week. We've never had that kind of response doing it ourselves. These are just a few of the reasons why we appreciate the services provided by AFS."

  Dr. Barry Ceridan, Kentucky
"I want to compliment AFS on their great efforts to call patients for recare. We have kept track and on just Monday and Tuesday alone there were 12 appointments scheduled. I don't know what you do differently than we do, but you're doing a wonderful job!"

  Nancy Nelson, Office Manager for Dr. Juline Furber, DDS, California
"Our recall is the best it's ever been! Since Misty (at AFS) started doing the calls our hygiene scheduling has really improved.

 Max Higbee, DMD
"AFS helped reduce my insurance claims by 86%! That brought $60,000 to my practice by reducing outstanding insurance claims from $70,000 to less than$10,000!"

  Dr. Steve Adams, DMD, Oregon
"The AFS call center is so professional that insurance companies now make our claims their first priority."

  Dr. Matthew Kreiger, DMD, New Jersey
"Dear American Financial Services Staff, Since our office started with AFS they have collected payments from several patients with delinquent accounts that our office had previously been unsuccessful collecting. Additionally, thanks to the professional and positive attitude AFS uses with our patients, a seriously delinquent account is now making regular monthly payments. Using AFS website gives us quick, easy access to our account information. AFS has helped us collect past due accounts and have been very beneficial to us. A great improvement in our office. Best Regards, Dr. Krieger & Team"

  Lesli, Office Manager, John Bender, DDS, Georgia
"I have been working with American Financial Services for awhile on their recall program. I generated a list of past-due patients and e-mailed them to AFS. I immediately started getting calls from AFS employees with our patients on the line wanting to set up appointments for hygiene! Every day I would get between 2 and 8 hygiene appointments set up! This program has been amazing as far as generating appointments from patients we had not heard from in a long time.  I have really been impressed with the speed and diligence that AFS has provided us with and I would recommend that all offices take advantage of this great service!"

  Dr. Alex White, DDS, Alabama 

"The AFS support services have been fantastic! I love you guys. I'm referring you to a friend and telling her if she doesn't get in touch with AFS, she's crazy!"

 Taylor Brook Dental ME
"AFS services eliminate stress for me. AFS staff is trained to do reminder calls, recare, insurance claims, et., so I don't have to train my staff to do those things. I know the calls are being done in a professional manner and getting results!"

  Dr. C. Kendall, DDS
"It takes a lot to impress me but your staff has the job down pat. Their phone manners are impeccable and their voices just make you give up. I've not had one complaint from my patients! There has been no trouble or inconvenience for my staff... we just watch the A/R go down."

  Dr. Carlos Sierra, DDS

"I really like the reactivation calls; they help keep the hygiene full and the rest of the staff free for doing other things... AFS is like having another staff member without everything else that comes with that and the fee AFS charges is probably a lot cheaper when you take into account all of the other expenses another employee would be."

  Dr. John Bender, DDS

"AFS calling services save us a ton of time and help us get the information to have the insurance claims processed and the payments coming in. They also help get the collections in from the patients and find out when the phone numbers are disconnected. AFS has helped us keep the collections up and reduce the accounts receivables. Without AFS calling people for us, we would not be able to find time to make the calls."

 NO Waiting for Approvals!  NO Financing Rejections!

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"Banks lend by creating credit. They create the means of payment out of nothing!"
  Ralph M. Hawtrey


"When I was young I used to think that money was the most important thing in life. Now that I am old, I know it is."
  Oscar Wilde


“Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used”
  Dr. Carl Sagan



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